Zeke Rectangle Cushion *50% OFF*

$24.00 $48.00

Add a touch of style and elegance to your home with this gorgeous Zeke Rectangle Cushion! Featuring a stunning zebra print in a luxurious velvet fabric, this cushion has a beautiful green tone to add a subtle pop of color to your decor. The cushion is available in two sizes - W35 x L50cm and W43 x L43cm - making it either suitable for your living space or a bed. Made from 47% Polyester and 53% Viscose with a feather-filled pad, each cushion is handmade in Ireland with care and precision.

☆ zebra print

☆ green tone against linen

☆ velvet

☆ W35 x L50cm but also available in W43 x L43cm

☆ 47% Polyester 53% Viscose

☆ feather pad

☆ Made in Ireland