Welcome to Universe of Us, we are an independent fashion and lifestyle brand with a focus on casual luxe for everyday living. 

Thank you for visiting our site, grab yourself a cuppa and have a peruse.
Every product you see here is selected by me personally and I am extremely passionate about picking functional styles that have longevity and are therefore a great investment. I have a quirky sense of fashion so alongside the classic pieces you will find 'fun' standout products that are unique and authentic.
Kam xx

I grew up in the clothing industry so it was only natural for me to come full circle to my roots.

Starting out as a teenager on the markets, I loved the banter of the stall holders, it really was a fun place to be. Then I continued working in the family retail business prior to attending the London College of Fashion to complete a degree.

 I was lucky and I worked blooming hard so I managed to carve a career at some great brands such as Wolsey, Dockers, Levi's and Timberland, not bad for an Asian lady..this was not the norm back in the day!  When our kids came along working in a corporate environment was becoming challenging (I'm sure many of you will resonate with that, juggling kids and a career is not easy). Around this time my husband Darran asked me to join his agency which represented brands such as Superdry, Maison Scotch, Scotch & Soda and many more. I thrived and loved working with so many wonderful independent retailers.

 Once my 40's hit I decided to pause and now looking back I believe it was the beginning of a burn out, working long hours and juggling life had taken its toll. I wanted to slow down and walk our dog 'Stan' for hours on end.... fate had a different idea!

What started as a coffee table sock brand has become Universe of Us that you see today.


Friends, family, music, travels, food, culture everything and everyone in my universe is an inspiration, maybe its a little romantic (we can assume thats the Bollywood in me) but all of this is incorporated in Universe of Us.

 I needed a project that was fun, sparkly and appealed to women like myself who keep their universe together! UOU was born! We (Darran & I ) created some sparkly socks, which were a big hit! At the same time a friend of ours was giving up her store in Camden and we thought why not? The best and worst decision, I wasn't ready for this big project but with hard work and a little planning (we are a little fly by the seat of our pants) we made it work, it took 18 months but the store was flying and the future looked pretty good...then Covid came and sadly we had to close it down. 

Now we have gone back to plan A and we are online only, still bringing you cool collections and still contactable, yes we have a landline and yes you can talk to us! We are proud to be an independent company and Darran is still involved in the business, he just floats around the background doing all the important stuff that needs to be done.

I'm still trying to find my feet and get to grips with social media (I love dancing but not in front of a camera) and I'm very fortunate that my commute involves driving through the beautiful Epping Forest, most importantly I get to hang out with our dog a little more!