Campo Chromefree Leather Extra White California Trainers

£99.00 £125.00
By Veja


Introducing Veja Campo Chromefree Leather Trainers - the perfect combination of style and sustainability! Made with chromefree leather, our trainers are not only environmentally-friendly, but also durable and stylish. The rubber and rice waste logo adds a touch of uniqueness, while the insole made of amazonian rubber and organic cotton provides comfort and support. And with an outsole made of amazonian rubber, rice water, and recycled rubber, you can feel good about every step you take. Step up your shoe game with our Chromefree Leather Trainers!

Upper in ChromeFree leather

♡ The panels are made out of chromefree leather 

♡ Logo V made of rubber & rice waste

♡ Insole is made out of amazonian rubber, sugar cane, recycled EVA and organic cotton

♡ Outsole is amazonian rubber, rice water & recycled rubber

♡ Lining is recycled polyester

♡ Organic cotton laces

 Made in Brazil