Gemstone Card Carnelian Gold Bracelet


Look stunning with this Gemstone Card Carnelian Gold Bracelet- it's an accessory sure to add some courage and creativity to your style! Crafted with a cotton thread and Carnelian gemstone, it's designed with a sliding knot for easy customised fit. Plus, it's been handmade with love in Nepal by artisans, making it a truly special gift for you or your loved one. So slide it on and let the stone bring the strength and endurance to reach your goals!

☆ this bracelet is made of a cotton thread and a Carnelian gemstone

☆ has a sliding knot of cotton thread for easy adjusting

☆ this stone brings the strength and endurance to reach your personal goals

☆ a gorgeous gift for a friend or loved one

☆ the measurements of the card are 7.4cm x 7.4cm.