Seattle Trainers *50% OFF*

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Experience Seattle's natural beauty with the Seattle Trainers from Hoff! Featuring suede leather and textile side pieces, breathable mesh, memory foam insole, heel stabilizer, and 2.5 cm EVA midsole, these city-inspired shoes provide a stylish and comfortable journey. Take off with the serrated sole and see theprinted image inside the transparent rubber, showcasing Hoff's quality craftsmanship. Dare to explore - your Seattle Trainers have you covered!

☆ Side pieces in suede leather and textile.

☆ Breathable polyester mesh. 

☆ Logo over puller. 

☆ All important heel stabilizer.

☆ EVA midsole 2,5 cm high. 

☆ Memory foam removable insole.

☆ Serrated sole and printed image inside transparent rubber.

Please note this product is UK sizes