Magda Rubber Track Boots Oatmeal

$78.00 $154.00
By Woden


These Magda Rubber Track Boots will keep you dry in any weather. The waterproof construction, slip-on design, and track sole make them easy to wear and keep you comfortable with a soft PU-foam insole that absorbs shock. Crafted with 70% natural rubber and 30% recycled rubber, each pair is unique and eco-friendly. Make a statement with these oatmeal-colored boots!

☆ Waterproof

☆ Slip On

☆ Track Sole

☆ Insole made of a soft PU-foam material, which is both light and shock-absorbing

☆ 70% natural rubber, 30% recycled rubber. 

☆ As this is a natural fabric please note that each pair is individual