Love Story Gift Set *50% OFF*

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Fall in love with the Love Story Gift Set, featuring a 70g vegatable wax candle, two 35g glycerine soaps, and a 10ml Eau de Toilette. Handcrafted in the UK, this romantic collection is blended with the world's best ingredients from Grasse, France. Enjoy the intoxicating aroma of patchouli, rose, bergamot and sumptuous white florals. Inspired by a love of fragrance and the memories it evokes, this high intensity perfume will infuse your everyday with dreams and romance.

☆ 70g votive vegatable wax candle

☆ 2 x 35g glycerine soaps

☆ 10ml Eau de Toilette

☆ All perfumes are designed by Saltworks and mixed using the world's best ingredient from Grasse, France.

☆ Every product is made in small batches by hand in the Saltworks workshop in Kent, England.

☆ Love Story, rich heady fragrance for dreamy romantics.

☆ Patchouli, rose, white florals and bergamot.

☆ Born out of a love of fragrance and the memories and emotions scent evokes.

☆ Great fragrances available for everyone, for everyday.

☆ High intensity perfume made by this beautiful British perfumer.